Visual style: cartoonish
Visual genre: modern era
Gameplay: Core: match3
Meta: Base construction — décor, fashion/make-up

Audience% F vs M: 62% vs 38%
Age Group:
Age 16–24–11%
Age 25–44–50%
Age 45+ — 39%

Revenue $10.38m
Downloads 2.23m
i.e REV / DL $4.654

$4.6 revenue per download

💡 deep dive

- Cartic P, @iCartic

Sept 1st week

CARtic P, @iCartic

Aug 1st week

July 4th week

July 3rd week

Cartic P, @iCartic

Game Trends: AR games been actively explored by IP’s

💡 Niantic is working on AR Transformers game — Transformers: Heavy Metal (available in NZ)
💡 WB launching a Batman AR game — DC: Batman Bat-Tech Edition (available in Italy)

⚡ Note: both WB and Niantic worked on AR game earlier — Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. It was more of a Pokémon Go clone like catch ’em all phenomenon than a true Harry Potter experience. The game didn’t live up to the expectations, had $87K revenue in the month of Aug 2020 with $37M revenue from 20M downloads since June 2019 (as of May 2021).

Hope to see both of them explore the AR genre with these new IPs and be successful. Looking forward to seeing the AR genre take off

CARtic P, @iCartic

CARtic P

game production & business guy for mobile titles & VR/AR experience - Cartic P

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