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Use FFWWDD, it covered Frustrating Favorite Wanted Wand Doing Describe

What was the frustrating feature in the gameplay

What are/is fav moment or things in the game you like doing most

What is one feature or thing you wanted to do or couldn’t do

What are things you wish to remove or add, make a wish wand

What are you doing in the gameplay

How would you describe the game to others

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How To Use COLORS vs CPI to desire

Best use bright, cartoonish colors for pleasing. On contrary using dark or dirty colors will please a very small segment of people. Keep color contrast high between key elements in the game, like the main character, obstacle, enemies, and BG props. Associating color with mechanics will be helpful red indicates a cue or danger.

HEX values of the top performing colors:

  • 9372ec
  • Dc57eb
  • E15f8c
  • Ecc353
  • F0e14d
  • F0A33A
  • B0ee73
  • 91e3f0
  • 7cd5ee
  • 68b4ec

Tl;dr: use bright colors and high contrast

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Trending game analysis, Diablo Immortal ⚔

💡 Thoughtful dive into the game performance stats
1. Gameplay: MMORPG, Action RPG
2. Made $24M in the first 2 weeks
3. Not available in Belgium and Netherlands due to loot box law
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